The Death of Rube Goldberg

July 1, 2019

I began learning the Rust programming language late in 2018, and as an old C programmer I was immediately impressed by how much simpler and easier it is to configure and build a cross-platform project in Rust than it is in C. I called this post “The Death of Rube Goldberg” because tools like cargo, the Rust build manager, are ultimately going to kill the old C ecosystem of autoconf, configure, make, et al.

Rust is a lovely language; but my great love is Tcl. Tcl got its start as an extension language for C; and no sooner had I begun to work with Rust than I kinda started to want to be able to extend it in Tcl. Shortly thereafter I began working on Molt, a Tcl interpreter written in Rust rather than C. I plan to use this blog to talk about Tcl and Rust, and especially about Molt and its implementation.