Molt 0.1.1 Published to Crates.IO

September 21, 2019

I’ve just published Molt 0.1.1 to Crates.IO. The system includes:

molt 0.1.1: The language interpreter. This is the core of Molt, and is intentionally design to have no external dependencies (other than Rust and its standard libraries.) At some point, this crate may get updated to support “no_std”. If you simply want to embed the Molt interpreter in an application, this is all you need.

molt-shell 0.1.1: An application framework for Molt REPLs, test harnesses, and benchmarks. The REPL provides command editing and history via the rustyline crate. This crate is intended for actual use, and also as an example.

molt-app 0.1.1: A plain vanilla moltsh application implemented using molt-shell. It provides the REPL, test harness, and benchmark harness, and is the primary tool for development of Molt itself. Most users of Molt will want to define their own applications so that they can extend Molt with their own application-specific commands.

molt-sample: The molt-sample repo contains a sample Molt extension crate. It shows how to:

  • Create a custom Molt REPL using molt-shell, and extend it with a new Molt command.
  • How to define a Rust library crate that can install new Molt commands into a Molt Interp. The library crate can define commands in both Rust and TCL.