Period: Rule by the Congress of Cults (Light)

(2,DT) All factions from both cities come together to rule the Twin Cities resulting in a time of peace and freedom.

Event: Founding of the Congress of Cults (Light)

(3,MD) The Wizards Fabien of Gognor and Gideon of Farland join their two factions together to create the Congress of Cults. Their factions are of very differing philosophies but in this time understand that there is power and security in numbers.

Event: First Meeting of the Congress of Cults (Light)

(20,MD) The Congress was small when it first began, though its size grew with its importance. This meeting takes place in a private room at an inn that is halfway between the two cities.

Event: Samuel Mingus is Born (Light)

(7,DT) Samuel Mingus is born in a small shack on top of Mount Wendle, the first born of Anatolia Mingus. Thus fulfilling the Third Prophecy of Durma The Elder: "The ravens of Wendle shall first hear his cry when he comes forth from the Rising Sun." Anatolia is his mother.

Event: Slope's Document Cache is Rediscovered (Light)

(9,TM) Severus Slope finds a cache of documents hidden by his ancestor Septimus Slope alluding to an ancient magical and belief system which had been erased from history and actively suppressed by the Congress. He believes its suppression may have been the entire purpose of the Congress. He brings them to his friend Samuel Mingus.

Event: Farland Wizard's Guild is Founded (Light)

(5,WD) Unlicensed Wizards Samuel Mingus and Severus Slope meet at Cheeryble's Coffee House in Farland and form a pact resulting in the establishment of the Farland Wizard's Guild.

Scene: Why did Samuel Mingus call the meeting at Cheeryble's Coffee House? (Dark)

(6,WD) It is late; the air in the tenement room is chill. Mingus sits at a small table, barely large enough for a page and a bottle of ink. "Severus," he writes, shivering, "The pressure on unlicensed wizards is becoming intolerable. You know as well as I do why we can't get licenses—Congress of Cults, bah! We must band together! Meet me...."

Event: The Exhumation of Samuel Mingus (Dark)

(8,MD) Research and study done on the corpse of Mingus Magnus the Magus long after his death indicated assassination through poison rather than death by food poisoning as previously thought. The culprit remains unknown.