Period: The Wizard War (Dark)

(10,WD) The realm of the Twin Cities falls into an extended period of warfare during which the forces of the Congress of Cults attempts to root out and destroy all members of the Unlicensed Wizard's Guild founded by Samuel Mingus and Severus Slope. At the end of the period the survivors of the Guild are in hiding, the economy of the realm has been devastated, large tracts of land are uninhabitable, and the authority of the Congress is in tatters.

Event: Slaughter of Guild Members in Gognor (Dark)

(11,WD) Following the slaughter of the guild members in the city of Gognor, the remaining leadership of the Unlicensed Wizard's Guild, assembled in secret in a cellar in Farland, pledge to oppose the Congress of Cults and all its works and all its empty promises, declaring as the Guild's patron their dimly remembered founder Samuel Mingus, whom they now christen Mingus Magnus the Magus, Martyr to the Congress of Cults. Word goes out to the Guild's cells in the cities and towns of the realm: "Never Again!"

Event: Destruction of the Tome (Dark)

(12,TM) One of the key documents is a book called the Greater Partzufim. Discovered in the lost library, it contains knowledge both sides wish to control for their own reasons. At the end of the Wizard War, in a bittersweet victory for the Congress of Cults, they successfully destroy the tome and its contents are lost.

Scene: How did the war end? (Dark)

(16,TM) Trench 777, a useless defensive position in an unimportant place, is finally overrun by the forces of the Congress of Cults, becoming the last battle of the the Wizard War. The High Wishop Verria Etpax arrives in caravan, and is greeted by a diminutive subaltern. He is led through the smoking residue of magical fire, past the melting remains of the dead and dying and into an underground command center. Tunnels snake in all directions and the wounded line the walls, but his attention is fixed on the nondescript box at the center of the room.

He steps forward then checks himself. "Take it to the middle of the battlefield, pile it with biridian sulfair, and flame it."

"Should we inspect it first?" his aid asks.

"I dare not. I fought a war, tortured innocents, hunted friends to their deaths, and did countless other terrible things to make sure what is in this tome is never known to the world, and now all I feel is an overwhelming desire to lose myself in its pages. It calls to me even as I say these words."

"Flame it!" the aide shouts. "Let the fires of Nantox purify our realm!"

"Flame and purify!" the men shout in response. "Hail Nantox! Hail the purifying flame!"