1WDStartTom Mingus opens tailor's shop
2DTCoCRule by the Congress of Cults
3MDCoCFounding of the Congress of Cults
4TMStartSeptimus Slope Discovers Library
5WDCoCFarland Wizard's Guild is Founded
6WDCoCWhy did Samuel Mingus call the meeting at Cheeryble's Coffee House?
7DTCoCSamuel Mingus is Born
8MDCoCExhumation of Samuel Minguss
9TMCoCSlope's Document Cache is Rediscovered
10WDWWThe Wizard War
11WDWWSlaughter of Guild Members in Gognor
12TMWWDestruction of the Tome
13DTStartSeptimus Slope Receives Tenure
14DTStartHow was the Greater Partzufim found?
15MDICRise of the Imperial College
16TMWWHow did the war end?
17WDStartClosing of the Library of Dalchuzim
18DTStartWhat was the first alarming report from Dalchuzim?
19WDStartWhy was the Greater Partzufim never copied?
20MDCoCFirst meeting of Congress of Cults