molt bench filename ?-csv?

This command executes the benchmark script called filename using the Molt benchmark framework. The framework runs the benchmarks in the script and outputs the results in nanoseconds.

NOTE: The benchmark tool is experimental, subject to change, and primarily intended as aid for Molt optimization.

The output looks like this.

$ molt bench benchmarks/basic.tcl
Molt 0.2.0 -- Benchmark

   Nanos     Norm -- Benchmark
    3344     1.00 -- ok-1.1 ok, no arguments
    4110     1.23 -- ok-1.2 ok, one argument
    4442     1.33 -- ok-1.3 ok, two arguments
    4005     1.20 -- ident-1.1 ident, simple argument
    7175     2.15 -- incr-1.1 incr a
    6648     1.99 -- set-1.1 set var value
    7926     2.37 -- list-1.1 list of six items

The Norm column shows the times relative to the first benchmark in the set.

CSV Output

Use the -csv option to produce output in CSV format:

$ molt bench benchmarks/basic.tcl -csv
"ok-1.1","ok, no arguments",3313,1
"ok-1.2","ok, one argument",4027,1.2155146392997283
"ok-1.3","ok, two arguments",4439,1.3398732266827649
"ident-1.1","ident, simple argument",4026,1.2152127980682161
"incr-1.1","incr a",7325,2.210987020827045
"set-1.1","set var value",6499,1.9616661635979475
"list-1.1","list of six items",7848,2.3688499849079383

Writing Benchmarks

Benchmarks are written using the benchmark or measure commands. See those man pages for examples.