Molt Command Reference

Molt implements the following commands. See the reference for each command to see any differences from Standard TCL.

Command Description
append Appends values to a list
array Query and manipulate array variables
assert_eq Equality assertion
break Break loop execution
catch Catch exceptions
continue Continue with next iteration
dict Dictionary manipulation
error Throws an error
exit Exit the application
expr Evaluate algebraic expressions
for "For" loop
foreach "For each" loop
global Bring global into scope
if If/then/else
incr Increment integer
info Interpreter introspection
join Join list elements into a string
lindex Index into a list
list Create a list
llength Length of a list
proc Procedure definition
puts Print a string
rename Rename a command
return Return a value
set Set a variable's value
source Evaluate a script file
string String manipulation
throw Throws an exception
time Time script execution
unset Clear a variable
while "While" loop