lindex -- Index into a list

Syntax: lindex list ?index ...?

Returns an element from the list, indexing into nested lists. The indices may be represented as individual indices on the command line, or as a list of indices. Indices are integers from 0 to length - 1. If an index is less than 0 or greater than or equal to the list length, lindex will return the empty string.


lindex {a {b c d} e}        ;# "a {b c d} e"
lindex {a {b c d} e} 1      ;# "b c d"
lindex {a {b c d} e} 1 1    ;# "c"
lindex {a {b c d} e} {}     ;# "a {b c d} e"
lindex {a {b c d} e} {1 1}  ;# "c"

TCL Liens

Indices in standard TCL may take several additional forms. For example, end indexes the last entry in the list; end-1 indexes the next to last entry, and so forth. Molt doesn't yet support this.